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ARCA ASSOCIATES is a global education development consulting firm.  We help clients do three things:

1)  Create robust and effective education and training strategies

2)  Create the learning tools to support education and training strategies

3)  Train trainers to be able to carry strategies forward using learning tools

We have technical expertise in adult and nonformal education that helps you design and implement educational strategies in the most challenging environments.  

my ethnic table

Our goal is to raise awareness of forcibly displaced people and to find opportunities to serve refugees where they are. We create and publish an annual benefit cooking calendar to raise awareness and funds that allow us to reach out to communities directly. As we encounter people, we focus on three areas:

impact europe

Impact Europe’s purpose is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and promote Christianity in Europe; to identify and train Europeans and the Middle East and North Africa diaspora residing in Europe. To plant Christian Churches in Europe and facilitate discipling and church planting movements by promoting first century principles, as we work towards completing the task of the Great Commission.